Monday, May 28, 2012

Clarification is in Order:

I want to clarify some things.  There is a slim (read: near impossible) chance that you've read a few of these posts on the website  That's because I'm the primary content producer for said site.  This blog is just a way of making my work look more professional for the moment.

That being said, my first allegiance is to Bizarre Internet.  Which, for the record you should be checking out, we've got a lot of great stuff heading down the pipe.  Think of it as one half meme collection and one half insightful (at least I hope) writing on weird literature.  And with out powers combined we form...well, hopefully a profitable website.  I just wanted to clarify some things.  Everything that appears on this blog will probably appear of Bizarre Internet first.  For now you can enjoy my first two articles and the introduction outlining my plans for the column.  Enjoy.

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