Monday, May 28, 2012

Introductions are in Order

Weird and Wonderful Books Introduction

            Hello, you probably have a few questions.  Firstly who am I?  That’s not important, though I will be writing this column under the pseudonym of Aetius since it’s the Internet handle that I use the most.  Who or what was Aetius?  Well it’s a bit off topic but since you asked nicely, Aetius is a reference to Flavius Aetius a man once referred to as “The Last Roman,” he fought Attila the Hun, won out, and then he was killed by a paranoid emperor.  Quite a guy…

            Anyway, what is this?  Well it’s a few things.  Right now, it is a Microsoft Word document that I’m writing but by the time it reaches you at home it will be the first entry in my new column on Weird Internet (or is it Strange Internet, we haven’t quite settled on the name).  What will Weird and Wonderful Books be accomplishing?  That one is going to require a bit more explanation.
            I love to read.  And recently I’ve begun to learn that I love writing, funnily enough the two passions seem to go hand-in-hand with each other.  Anyway, here at Strange Internet we are about celebrating the weird and wonderful aspects of the online world.  Memes, strange fan fiction, hilarious news stories, we love it all, but some of us also live in the real world.  Well, to be honest, I live in the real world, my associate I’m unsure of.  Anyway, I want to use Weird and Wonderful, our first written column, to explore the strange and wonderful aspects of some of my favorite novels.  To that end, I want to use this introduction to lay down some ground rules for myself and for you in case you decide to stick around.

  1. I can’t just plug a novel because I enjoyed it.

Now to be fair, I will be using this column to promote certain books that I’ve read either recently or in the past.  However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll be putting in a good word for the newest John Grisham on the shelves just because I read it and found it to be enjoyable.  I want to the books that I talk about in this column to be special whether they’re old or new.

  1. Entries will be in two categories: Truly Weird and Analyzable

I’m giving myself another criteria here.  I aim to write about two different types of books.  The first type is the truly weird stories like a series about moving cities that eat each other.  That exists, expect an article about it soon because it really is a good series.  But that premise sound absolutely bonkers on its own doesn’t it?  The other type of article is the analytical.  I’m an English major and like all members of my species I’m prone to over-analyzing things.  To that end, I aim to find something meaty in certain books.  This topic is more vague then just purely bizarre but I feel like I can make it work.  I guess we’ll find out together.

  1. I will not spend an entire article insulting something or someone.

      Here on the Internet we love to complain.  We love to slam bad movie, games and the like and we all know that trolls are a thing.  But more often then not I see people on the Internet criticizing without constructing.  To that end, I want to make it clear from the start.  I’m not writing this to bash bad books.  All of you looking forward to an article that tears the Twilight saga a new one will have to look elsewhere (partially because I haven’t read the series yet).  However, I want to clarify that I’m not above using bad books as an example.  So those of you looking for an article on my opinion concerning the Twilight craze and its effect on the young adult novel genres can stay put though the piece may be awhile in the making.

So those are the three rules.  I promise to do my best in abiding by them and if I fail then my associate, the one who runs the site, will create an equitable punishment.  Here’s to a successful run for Weird and Wonderful Books.  And if not then well, I aim to make it fun while it last.  I’m definitely looking forward to going out in a blaze of glory if it comes to it.

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